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I provide solutions to people on how to convert their manual welding fabricating processes into an automatic welding solution. Since skilled welders have become in short supply many welding fabrication companies find it hard to locate good welders. I consult people on how to take rapturous part welding applications into a safe automated welding machine operated by a properly trained person.

Gantry Weld Planisher System

Weld Planishing Automation Consulting

Over 40 years of helping customers by providing new and rebuilt automatic welding machines to companies in North America and internationally. Over my welding automation career I have worked directly with and for several suppliers and manufactures. I have helped people with proven arc welding process development solutions. Welding applications like scroll compressors seams, torque converters and longitudinal seam welding machines, automated roll weld planishers to mention a few. Through working with so many diverse welding experts and professionals has helped me show how older and newer technology can blend to solve welding applications.

Knowledgeable professional with 40 years experience and a proven history of working with automated welding companies in the fixed welding automation industry. Providing customers knowledgeable arc welding automation system problem solving for many decades. Providing arc welding automation for international customers and companies for 40 years. Arc welding solutions to make complicated welding automation simple to use daily.

Welding automation processes consultant including automated roll planishers.

Seam Welding Process Sequence Consulting

Welding Process Development

If you need help on how to cost effectively welding automation rebuild or retrofit your current old used arc welding automation equipment into newer modern technology system, give me call. Upgrading out dated automatic welding machines with new weld controls and tooling for a updated productive machine for welding fabrication. I provide customers with needed information on how to get the most ROI for the welding production rebuilding project.

This is done with a phone consultation first, then we often followed up by an in house visit to see the weld process application and planishers requirement. Email or call me if you would like some help on you planisher process questions.

DC Welding Automation Customers List

  • Linde Union Carbide
  • Wright Bros Inc.
  • Precision I.A
  • G.E./Tusas
  • Airco Products
  • Cyclomatic Automation
  • Jetline Engineering
  • Ford Motor Company
  • AEP
  • Carrier and Copeland Scroll
  • Daewoo Carrier
  • Bucyrus International
  • Alston Power
  • Chrysler/Daimler
  • Pipe Solutions U.K.
  • MITUSA Products Inc.
  • Ortner Freight Car / Trinity Ind.
  • GE Aviation Evendale
  • Pandjiris
  • The Webb Corp
  • Weld Plus Inc.
  • Space X
  • Koike/Aronson/Ransome
Gantry Weld Planisher System

Automatic System Rebuild and Retroft Consulting