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Automatic Gantry Planishing Machines For Smooth Seam Welds

Roll Planishing Machine Innovations

Seam weld planishing machines safely blend smooth the weld beads without the need for costly blending with grinders and discs. Eliminating the need for the time consuming grinding and polishing to eliminate or lower weld profile simply by using the planishing process.

Finally there is a safe tool called a planisher that is a fastest way to flatten welds smooth while hands free. Planishing machines quickly and safely lower the profile weld bead crowns using intense controlled pressure between a roller and harden tooling.

DC Welding provides the highest quality seam weld planisher machines in the world, no kidding The weld planishing process allows the operator to load the part into planisher tooling then hands free planishing the nugget flat into the part for a seamless smooth appearance. Standard and custom programmable automatic linear roll planisher machines designed to replaced old unsafe manual longitudinal roll planisher machinery.


Roll planishers are used to flatten the weld bead smoothly on the OD and ID of the seam welded part. Weld planisher machines offer a fast safe affordable method to flattened the weld crown into a seamless appearance.

The roll planishing machine innovative technology by DC Welding is the definition of roll weld planisher automation designs. Manual or automatic gantry roll weld planishers for the safest operator welding planishers requirements.

Complete seam weld planishing machine used for blending the weld bead smooth without grinding.

The part hard working roll weld planishing process machines are manufactured for hands free operator safety. Easy precision weld part's planishing is now fully automated. Simple to complex custom roll planisher types, to our fully programmable automatic weld roll planisher designed systems available to meet specific requirement for your parts.

How do roll planisher machines blend the weld bead smooth without a using a grinder?

Longitudinal roller planishing process machines use high pressured hardened steel or stainless steel rollers and mandrel tooling that is built specific to your part's precise requirement. The harden planisher roll's pressure flattens smoothly blending the weld appearance without changing the shape of the original part. Planisher rollers using up to 20,000 lbs pressure to simultaneously eliminate the weld bead appearance and using cold hardening to improving weld strength once planish process is completed.

Industries that benefit by using weld planishers strengthening and flattening are metalworking fabricators, such as metal spinners, aerospace, aeronautics; petro chemical, food processing. Everything from home appliances application to jet engines, rockets or anywhere critical precision weld removal and increased weld strength is required.

Roll Weld Planishing Applications

  • Flatten Weld Bead OD/ID Smoothly
  • Dairy Processing Machines and Equipment
  • Aeronautic Precise Parts
  • Chemical Fluid Pipe Tanks Surfaces
  • Missile Silo Cases
  • Automotive Sheet Splicing
  • Cloth Dyeing Machines
  • Vacuum Thermos Bottles
  • Tractor Wheels
  • Jet Fuel Tank Drops
  • Stainless Pipe Fittings
  • Bellows and Tubes
  • Stainless Food Handling Equipment
  • Vacuum Cryogenic Dewar
  • Precision Aerospace Parts
  • Parking Light Poles
  • Water Heater Tanks
  • Metal Furniture
  • Stainless Medical Devices
  • Drug Processing Equipment
  • Cosmetic Seamless Weld Appearance
  • Metal Furnace Parts
Linear Gantry Planisher

Custom Automatic Welding Roll Planisher Machines and Equipment

Roll welding planisher designs that can safely be used to flatten the seam weld smooth improving the product cosmetic quality and weld strength. Providing welding consulting and on how roll planishers may improve your ROI and productivity with automatic planisher systems. Used for blending thin tube bellows applications to sheet plate metal seam planishing and alloys applications and requirements. Roll planishers now safely allows the operator hands free planishing of welds on all type of parts and metal thicknesses.

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Welding Automation Roll Planisher Systems

Gantry Bellows Planisher

Tube and Bellows Planishing Machine

Benefits of Planishing Machine Seam Weld Smoothing Process

  • Seam Weld Planishing Benefits
  • Eliminates dangerous grinding and dirt
  • Save on time and skilled labor
  • Increase weld strength in the same process
  • Quick weld bead blending without grinding
  • Seamless weld appearance safely
  • Hands free seam weld blending automatically
  • Save money on costly grinding wheels and consumables

Roll planishing process combines smashing or flattening that smooths out the weld crown and root weld bead. This produces a cosmetically uniform weld with a cross section thickness equal to that of the adjacent parent base metal or alloy.

Smoothing out weld bead crown for flattened ID and OD finish on parts of all shapes and sizes. GTAW (TIG), GMAW (Mig/Mag) SAW (Sub Arc) PAW (Plasma) any reasonable low crown weld bead seam weld can be flattened. Stainless, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Inconel tubes are no problem. Planishing improves fluid flow characteristics as well as improving the appearance and strength of the tube.

Weld strength uniformity is important when weldments undergo further metalworking processing such as bending, stretch and spin forming. Weld roll planishing actually improves the mechanical properties of the welded part making it stronger by pressure cold working the weld's columnar integrity and relieving normal stresses caused by the seam welding. Contact me for a in house review of your weld bead planishing application.

planisher weld benefits

Planishing welds adds strength and blends the weld bead ID/OD cosmetically smooth into the base metal while maintaining the part's shape.

Weld Planishers Improve Welding Fabrication Metal Finishing Productivity!

Flattening roll planisher metal finishing process is one of the least appreciated weld bead removal appearance process methods. Unlike the costly sanding, grinding, which are all time consuming and labor intensive processes to fatten a weld. Roll weld planishers not only cosmetically remove a weld bead smoothly into the base material quickly and safely.

Weld planisher method is an enhancement of hydraulic pressure between the planisher roll and mandrel tooling. The planisher roller must have the right precise geometry, allowing the roll pressure to push the weld bead into the base metal as it cold-works strengthening the weld material. When our roll planisher tooling and part shape are just right, then the weld bead is smoothed seamless into a appearance. Planisher machines move in a linear fashion along the length of the part, smashing the weld bead while adding weld strength. While the planisher roller blends the weld bead and material on the OD/ID using tool steel hardened mandrel and roller tooling while equal opposite force is used to smooth the weld material on the ID.

Advanced Automatic Roll Planisher

Automated Part Clamping Bed Linear Planisher System